West Coast Pumpkins!

Please welcome guest blogger, LA-based Smitty (the blogger formerly known as S-Blade). This is how they do it in Hollywood kids

Would you believe that at the same time you Chicago kiddies were carving your pumpkins, the west coast contingent was ALSO getting into the Halloween spirit?! What are the odds! But yes, we had our own pumpkin carving party on Sunday too!

The day started with a trip to West Hollywood to the famous pumpkin patch to the stars, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch!

While there were no celebs to be found on this visit, we did find our own perfect pumpkins, and found out that there is to be no pumpkin throwing.

Likewise, no jumping, standing, or...smiling?

So many rules! Apparently, horseback riding...

...and sleepwalking are encouraged.

We were all very proud of what we brought home with us from the patch

And now on to the carving, and of course the beer drinking!

Happy Halloween!


Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Smitty - what's up with the green pumpkin?

Sindy Bladesworth said...

Smitty...does that mean S-Blade is available?

happy pumpkin gobble gabble!

Sarah said...

it should be noted that our pumpkins rotted and had to be thrown out on saturday (thanks Emily) on account of the 90 degree heat here this past week. on the bright side, I did go to the beach this weekend and revived my tan. oh well, next year we'll keep the pumpkins in the fridge i guess.

emily said...

the green pumpkin is mine! he's cute right? (the one with only one tooth, 2nd from right in the bottom picture)

the pumpkin patch had orange, green, white and red punkins.