Seriously Silly Strings

So I found myself in Pilsen tonight, much to my delight. Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines and the Pilsen neighborhood has some of the best in the country (Nuevo Leon - more on that later!). Tonight I ate at Las Comales #3 - vegetarian tacos, a cactus gordita, and a side of beans - and it was delicious. But the most interesting thing I found in Las Comales was behind the glass counter at the check out. Exhibit A: Salsagheti

Yes, it's a spaghetti themed candy. But, it gets better. It's mango flavored gummy-spaghetti covered in CHILE POWDER with a salty Tamarind sauce packet included in the package. Wow. Here are our snack panels' thoughts:

Italian food or candy?

This was actually really tasty - before the tamarind sauce was added. It was like sour strings candy but with a nice mango flavor. The addition of the tamarind sauce was bad...like, really bad. It was overly salty and the mouthful of spicy, salty, and sweet mix together to create an overly artifical flavor. Bottom line, if you like candy, eat the 'ghetti without the saucy.

I was a bit worried at first glance of this concoction. Lucas the Duck was on the package with a backwards hat....and then I became a bit more at ease. Honestly, I enjoyed it. We had to put it on a plate and eat it so I don't know how the niƱos eat this in Mexico. Basically, the tamarind and mango hit the spot. I will seriously consider buying caseloads of the 'ghetti and handing it out for Halloween. I doubt you will find this anywhere near you but stop by my joint and I'll unload the flavor on the 31st.

Well, I can't top Peen's post, but I will say that I thought the 'ghetti was alright. The flavor reminded me of Sour Patch Kids but the consistency wasn't really working for me. I guess it was the sauce...it's kinda slimy. (I was late to the game and didn't get to try it before the sauce was added). Anyway, it wasn't so bad, but I think I'll skip Peen's house this Halloween.

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