Run For The Border!

So as far as fast food goes, I'm a fan of Taco Bell. I know, I know but everyone needs their guilty pleasure so back off! Also, TB can be pretty veggie friendly (if you like beans). So I asked my friend Chris to taste-test Taco Bell's new Volcano Taco. He actually gave us a definition of the new menu item. Take it away Chris!

vol·ca·no [vol-key-noh]–noun, plural -noes, -nos:

an opening (pssst….really it’s a taco), or rupture (gash of greatness), in a planet's surface (my belly…hee hee) or crust (hmmm it’s not a pizza or a pie?), which allows hot (oh it’s hot), molten rock (& Roll!), ash (hmmm I got nothin'), and gases (yes enter flatulent joke here at your own discretion) to escape from below the surface (of my …. again let’s just move on). Volcanic activity involving the extrusion (burp) of rock tends to form mountains or features like mountains over a period of time (constipation really).

Ooookkk...so maybe the definition of Taco Bell’s newest gastronomic entry the “Volcano” isn’t quite as luxurious as described above but it’s not bad I suppose. One might think the hot is in the dyed-red (at least I don’t think there is a corn that’s really that red) tortilla shell, ah but no. It’s in the spicy cheesy nacho sauce. It plays out like this: Shell – meat- new hot style cheese sauce – lettuce – tomato – real cheese (I don’t get that part although I guess more cheese can’t be all bad) and sour cream. You won’t need any hot sauce packets as this actually does have some kick to it. In conclusion I recommend the Taco Bell “Volcano” taco just as much as I would any other Taco Bell selection…in my belly!

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