Richard's "eggs" are actually just eggs!

Being the jetsetter that I am, I had to celebrate my birthday in Chicago as well as NYC. So some friends and I got together on Saturday for some drinks at one of my favorite places, Richard's Bar, at the intersection of Grand, Milwaukee and Halsted.

The bar is a dive for sure - unpretentious and cheap (cash only people!) and full of old dudes who love Frank Sinatra, which along with Louis Prima and Dean Martin, is always playing on the juke box. And aside from drinks, Richard's always has a sign up for hard boiled "eggs" for .75cents. I've always been curious about these "eggs" and on Saturday night, Tim took the plunge. He ordered an egg! And it looked good! Check it out! (please note the giant Goodfellas banner in the background of the photos)

And post egg, we all had cake. Yes, my friends are funny.


Pirate Zehra said...

YUMMM CAKE!!! I can't believe it died.

dapeen said...

tim loves his huevos

Sarah said...

hahahaha, amazing