New Glasses

It's on, Rufus. Don't even try to chomp on these!

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NatOz said...

I love the new glasses! Although, they do resemble mr. booth's from woodshop class. Thanks for last night! I never want to hang with anyone else besides you, and the backyardigans! Anyway, I think the trip to Chili's did me in. I'm still not right.

I think I am supposed to blog about food on your site. So, being the chef and the best parent that I am. Tonight we had mac,tuna and peas.

1. Get a box of Kraft mac and cheese. Tear it open.
2. put a pan on the stove with water in it. boil it.
3. Go watch some Tv and search the net.
4. 2 hours later, run to the stove and pull off the burning pan.
5. Get a new pan and fill with water.
6. Stand in kitchen so not to burn another pan.
7. once it is boiling, put in noodles and peas.
8. once soft, dump out the water.
9. take half a stick of butter and dump it in.
10. Tear open the packet of cheese and dump in.
12. open a can of tuna and dump in.
13. mix all together.
14. Get two spoons and you and your 3 year old sit on the sofa, watch tv and eat straight from the pan. (You can use anyone's child. It doesn't have to be your own.)
15. Then when you are not looking your dogs and cats will clean out the pan.