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Since Lindsay is currently holding my camera hostage, I thought I'd share some links with my City Veggies - here are upcoming events and other things I'm finding interesting right now. Oh la la!

•The Chicago Film Festival is upon us soon and the Tribune outlines some food related features at this year's festival.

Bucktown Apple Pie Contest - this Sunday @ Holstein Park. I'm more of a cherry or lemon meringue pie fan but if apples slowly baked in a buttery flaky crust is your thing, check out this pastry contest. Or better yet, if you stole Grandma's winning recipe, submit a pie! It's only $15! Proceeds benefit Friends of Holstein Park.

•Taste Vosges' new Jamaican-inspired Zion Collection, at an October 23rd tasting event held in their Lincoln Park store. The high-end chocolate store is known for pushing the boundaries and using exotic ingredients in their decedent chocolate creations - the few I've tasted have included ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds, curry powder, ancho chiles, pumpkin seeds, and paprika.

•The last outdoor Green City Market, currently held in Lincoln Park, will be on October 29th. So go this weekend or next! After this, the market moves to an indoor location, and while it will no doubt still be an amazing market, nothing beats walking around outside to pick out fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses, and more.

•Wanna be a guest on the Chicago restaurant review show, Check, Please!? Apply here!

•One of my favorite restaurants (due to my passion for fake meat) The Chicago Diner, has started taking reservations for their famed vegetarian Thanksgiving. The last time I went there, I saw Moby. Duh!

•And this has nothing to do with food or Chicago but has to be my favorite internet link of all time. Take a chance and Click Here.

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