Lazy Day Brunch in 1-2-3!

Being that it's Wednesday night, I am already looking ahead to the weekend. I feel like I really need to sleep in late and have a lazy fall Saturday. And part of that is cooking a big brunch at home. My winning technique is to saute all the veggies that I have in my fridge - add some eggs (egg whites when feeling super-healthy) - toss in some cheese and beans - and throw it all on a plate. I call it Egg-cellent.

An amalgamation of a dish - eggs, hearts of palm, black beans, sauteed onions, fresh corn, crumbled goat cheese, and hot sauce

Just add a bloody mary


dapeen said...

throw in a high life too...lil champagne can't hurt it mama

Shaq Attaq said...

hell - while we're at it, lets throw in a chicken wing shake!

rhonda said...

what a great idea!

Tim said...

Looks amazing. Great pics too.