Hold On At The Handlebar

Before the Bodega Challenge on Sunday night, Peen and I strategized at Handlebar on North Avenue. Down the street from my house, cozy, and delicious, it was the perfect way to end the weekend. Handlebar supports bike riding in Chicago, hence the name, and even offers free bike parking. But you don't have to ride your tandem there to enjoy it - the beer selection alone is enough of a reason to duck into the pub on a lazy afternoon, but the vegetarian-friendly food will keep you coming back.

Lots of Mucca Pazza posters, yea!

A tostada like none I'd ever had - the base was like a thick cornmeal based cake instead of the normal crispy tortilla. Seriously amazing.

A feast for the eyes and the bellies. That's seitan "chicken" you see in the wrap.

And for all you bike messengers out there - they offer specials just for you. Mondays are Messenger Mondays which means a free plate of French fries w/ your Courier ID. And if you make your money behind a desk inside of behind a handlebar, don't worry - buck-fifty Pabst Blue Ribbon pints for everyone. See you next Monday!

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Sarah said...

when is peen gonna start rapping on this blog?