The Ghosts of Food Past

I've been reminiscing a lot this weekend. I think it's the fall weather. I loved fall in NYC and I'm learning to love it here in Chicago as well. But I was thinking about the 4 plus years I had in New York City, and how almost once a week, my dear friends and I made the time to break bread together, whether it be over bloody mary's and pretzels (a minimalist approach) or a full fledged dinner party. I hold the many meals we shared together close to my heart and couldn't resist a trip down food memory lane. To those friends of New York City, who became my family, I miss you! Enjoy.

The cake at my last birthday party - in honor of my fav internet superstar, Kelly

The spread at Sarah and Emily's 2006-07 New Year's Eve party - we've got a little cous-cous salad, pita pizzas, black-eyed pea salad for good luck, and of course the dirty cupcakes

Joel, pre and post pickle-juice drinking shots

At our favorite place for stuffed cabbage, Veselka. For once, Lindsay is the only normal one in this shot

Tamara's table setting for a Jewish New Year dinner

Dan and I made art with our leftovers at Thainy on Lexington

My Mother's (and now mine) Mexican Cheesecake. The recipe will not be divulged.

An heirloom tomato salad with roasted tomatoes and goat cheese crumbles.

Olives (yummm) at a Soho grocery store

Anchovies with goat cheese. Artful!

My dinner party at Tim's

The ubiquitous dirty cupcakes

Falafel sticks from the dinner party at Tim's

A white Greek pizza, also from the dinner party at Tim's


Clancy said...

MEXICAN CHEESECAKE!!! GIMME! I miss it so.... And those falafel sticks were cool too. Speaking of, Eva's on 8th St. is celebrating their 25th anniversary by going back to prices in the 70's- falafel for $1.30! Crazy! xo Clancy

Sarah said...

i forgot about those pita pizzas! time to bring those back...

mr. moustachio said...

ah, that dinner party at tims! what a fateful evening..

smitty said...

hahaha, i just noticed the gr8 head 4 u cupcake. genius.