Bodega Challenge #1

I've assembled a panel of experts (well, a trio if you will) to review some weird snack food finds at my local bodega. Here's what we found, along with our reactions and recommendations.

#1 - Vitner's Sizzlin' Crunchy Kurls:

I'm so happy they added the "Sizzlin'" to this snack title instead of the more proper "Sizzling". And that they are "Kurls" instead of "Curls". It makes sense because the flavor is somewhat like Cheez with Hawt Sauce. Not so good. I extend my apologies to the Chicago-based Vitner's because, I love your potato chips but this just isn't for me.

(She just said that they were not for her but after sampling all of the snacks...she picks those up again!!!) These are a bit too hot to handle for me. I'm a Mexican and this stuff is crazy spicy and crazy not my estilo. The front of the bag also has the Vitner's mascot "Vinnie" and he's wearing a sombrero...not so sure how I feel about that.


#2 - Champ's Cola:

Shannon: This cola, which smells like grape soda, and tastes like an extremely sweet (my teeth hurt) fruity cola, is billed as a "champagne cola" and produced in Miami, FL. The can is amazing, with a strong man image of Champion George Prince - who after doing a little googling, doesn't seem to be a real person. I may be wrong but I can't find much about the champion. The soda is bottled by Cawy, a company which was originally headquartered in Cuba but moved to the US after Fidel came to power. Who knew a soda this sweet could be so interesting?

Peen: The can really sells itself ...I don't know who George Prince is but he kind of looks like a muscle man with a butt as a haircut. He's basically the hottest man on a can of cola. After my first sip of this sizzzurp I was taken back to a generic creme soda with a splash of old lavender potpourri. I had about 5 sips and that was about 4 sips too many.

Rufus: Sluuurp.

#3 - Habas Con Chile (Hot Fava Beans):

Shannon: Yes, these are as sexy as they sound. Crunchy, starchy, spicy with just enough salt. These hot favas are tasty and what the hell, healthy! I'd reach for these during the inevitable mid-afternoon slump on a Monday for a spicy way to re-energize and fill the tummy. All in all, the winner for me!

Peen: These fava beans were awesome. I don't usually roam out of the "pinto" bean area due to the fact that I'm Mexican, but BOY O BOY I'm glad I did. They had a bit of a nutty flavor with a hint of heat. I'd for sure go back and snag these again.

Rufus: Chomp

#4 - Blanched Peanuts:

Shannon: These were weird for me. Peanuts covered in a crunchy shell, which is neither too sweet or salty and I can't figure out what the shell is made of because the ingredients list on the package reads only "Roasted Peanuts". Really, I don't think it adds much to the wonderful little nut. As far as encased nuts go, I'd rather eat Jordan Almonds.

I made her try these because they are a hit in my family. Also known as, Japanese Peanuts, these crunchy coated peanuts are cheap and addicting. I've had em before and I'll have em again. I might just buy Shannon a whole kilo of these for her birthday. (16 days away)

Rufus: Snort


emily said...

i almost spit vegan burrito reading "he kind of looks like a muscle man with a butt as a haircut" bit. i love you guys.

Sarah said...

those sound like some legendarny smacks!