Birthday in NYC

I was lucky enough to be called to NYC for work last week and my first day of meetings was also my birthday. Because I get so emotional about my time living in NYC (wah, wah), here's a photo recap of my week. I think they can say things better than I ever could.

French Onion Soup Dumplings, I see you in my dreams

Tacos at San Loco

Tigercity played a show at Webster Hall

On 3rd Avenue

Our stash after a Duane Reade bender


Sarah said...

whoa, joel beard too! those dumplings from stanton social? yum!

shooting from the hip said...

oh how I miss Duane Reade!!!

Clancy said...

Amazing night!
Who do I have to do to get the FOSD recipe from Stanton Social?
Do you wanna go to The New French for dinner next time you're in town? http://nymag.com/restaurants/reviews/underground/46626/