Ain’t No Party Like A West Coast Party
(Part Two – the party!)

And now, the exciting conclusion to the West Coast Party post, from our LA city veggies. Enjoy!

Monday, and the day was upon us! Everyone knows that Emily and Sarah like a party, particularly one that we don’t have to leave the house for, so we were pretty amped. Of course, no birthday party that we throw can really be complete without a trip to the friendly local dollar store for some silly gifts

Next up was the guacamole. That’s definitely one of the best things about living in Cali – a never ending supply of delicious avocadoes! It’s like they grow on trees or something.

Our guests had arrived, and it was time to start the fish tacos. We also got some shrimps for good measure

One of our guests seemed pretty intent on helping, and he quickly kicked Sarah out of the kitchen and took over as line cook. Sarah just started drinking.

Pretty soon, our feast was finished and ready to enjoy!

As many of you know, no birthday party involving Emily and Sarah is complete without cupcakes that say stupid things on them, and we weren’t gonna let anyone down. Our guest of honor had specifically said that he didn’t want a cake, so we were all too happy to oblige:

The birthday boy had also requested a monkey, and we were – again – all too happy to oblige

From there, our work was basically done, so Emily was free to sit back and relax

All in all, a successful evening. Here’s to many happy returns!

Thanks ladies! We look forward to more of your entertaining LA dispatches soon!

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