Tigercity, USA

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One of The City Vegetable's favorite bands and good friends, Brooklyn's Tigercity, have submitted to an intense food questionnaire for all you City Veggie readers. They rule because they're my friends but mainly because they are a REALLY REALLY good band. And we once paid Joel(funk bass) $26 to drink a half jar of pickle juice. So yeah, don't mess with them. Read on for more juicy info from Joel himself!

CV: What's your favorite new fast food joint that you've discovered on the road?

TC: Probably Torchy's Tacos in Austin, but if we only have like, two dollars, then Taco Cabana is THE JAM.

CV: What are your personal favorite dish/dishes?

TC: As a band, we've been known to go on huge Mexican kicks. But I personally am always down for a $50 Fillet Mignon.

CV: What's your fav place to eat when you come to Chicago?

TC: I'd say at this point we have two solid favs. Tony's Burrito Mex has never let us down. It's the cheapest, most awesome Mexican hangover cure around. Our latest Chicago food obsession is this place called Victory's Banner. Its a vegetarian restaurant that we only go to for breakfast but I think they have lunch and dinner. Its the most new age/spiritual breakfast you'll ever have. The waiters and waitresses wear robes and they sell books on meditation and all sorts of shit. Its the only restaurant I've ever heard of being affiliated with Mahavishnu Orchestra. Totally sweet.

CV: Do you like to cook? If so, what are some of your signature dishes?

TC: Brady could seriously be a competitive guacamole making champion. His guac is way better than most restaurants'. We cook a lot at home. Fish tacos, stir fry, veggie dishes, rice, kale, all that hippy shit....ummmmm Omelets, pasta with elaborate sauces, stuffed peppers, tuna melts...

Bill saw a kid running through the projects shooting a gun the other day on the way to the grocery store. That is what our neighborhood is like right now; band dudes and gang warfare.

CV: Who would win in a fight: Chester the Cheetah or Tony the Tiger?

TC: According to family guy, Chester the Cheetah is a coked out Rush fan, so I'd have to go with him over Tony.

CV: Pizza: Thin crust or Chicago style?

TC: Chicago's Pizza is the best pizza I've ever had. Our manager gets it for us every time we play a show in CHI. Its unbelievable. Bill didn't know what it looked like until a month ago, because every time he ate it (at least 10 times) he was blacked out and never remembered. I like both the veggie version with jalapeno, and the meaty one with a layer of peperoni on the bottom. My mouth is watering.

Thanks guys! We'll hopefully see you back in Chicago soon!


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