Summer photo wrap-up

Smash loves Cheerios.

Steve went to a pig roast in North Carolina. Not exactly a vegetable but still interesting.

One of my favorite things to do with green tomatoes in the summer is to bread them with panko and bake them until golden brown. Here's a baked green tomato, feta cheese, and pea shoot stack I made a few weeks ago. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and good olive oil...summer on a plate!

A fancy breakfast hash set against Kaitlyn's beautiful self portrait

Smash after his 12-course tasting menu at Alinea. The glutton!

I'm learning.

Oh and by the way, Rufus wants whatever it is that you're eating right now...


Chris said...

mmmm.... pig roast.

stevenpowell said...

didn't know the pig roast pics from my camera would make it up! (photo credits... ahem!)

nice recap o' da summer. hopefully the fall season brings lots of fun recipes/ideers to your ever-food-obsesed brain! dc is so lonely w/ out my cityveggie. a guest post coming from our nation's capital soon?!??!

kjp said...

i just got real nervous about having you over for dinner to watch antm next week. i'm really only good at making cup cakes...can we just have cup cakes for dinner??? also, i got a great idea for a cafeteria guest post today. i ventured into the caf b/c this other girl had pudding that looked soooooo good. chocolate, crushed graham crackers and cool whip... i almost had to leave work early i got so sick... thank god for teacher bathrooms.