Spring Rock n' Rolls

A while back Kate and I went to Tank Noodle for some delicious Pho, and wandered around the various Asian grocery stores in the neighborhood. I found a pack of Spring Roll wrappers and decided to try my hand at the addictive(and vegetarian!) treat. It's a super easy and healthy dinner.

For inside the rolls, I choose bean sprouts, baked tofu(you can buy it baked or bake it yourself - cut into strips, season and bake until crispy on the outside), mint, cilantro, cucumbers, and lime juice. See here. Oh the greenness!!!

This is a very traditional preparation but you're only limited by your imagination (and taste buds).

So here goes...soak the spring roll wrapper in warm water until soaked through and mailable.
Fill it with green goodness and wrap like a burrito! See here:

These are delicious on their own or with a little sauce. My go-to is a mix of Grey Poupon (but of course), sambal chile paste, soy sauce, and sesame oil. This sauce, done with just the right proportions of each ingredient, can be heaven in a spoon.

Oh and the wrappers(pre-soak) would make a great lampshade if you're a super creative crafty-type person.


stevenpowell said...

oh my, those photos are sharp and excellent!

Sarah said...

can you please come to my house and make these? can't wait to read about your peanut sauce recipe shan. xo

dapeen said...

no hotsauce? dang