Snack a Pickle Time

In this jar is a handful of pickled beans and a few slices of pickled onions. When left with a bounty of yellow and green string beans from the Wicker Park Farmer's Market, I decided to try pickling them.

I used a version of this recipe and it couldn't have been easier. I added less sugar, more water, and a variety of spices (garlic, peppercorns, etc). They definitely taste better after sitting in the brine for a few days.

Random food day alert: Saturday, September 13th is "Snack a Pickle Time Day"!!! So make some home made pickles and snack 'em.


Pirate Zehra said...

Oh! When are they going to be done? I want some!!! Ps.. pics of smash are amazing. Please post more. xo pirate zehra

jon-joshua said...

Smash's Salty Pickles - put'm in your mouth!