Riverside Cafe

While you certainly can't see the river from this restaurant, it lies on a little strip of Cortland Street in Bucktown that had intrigued us for some time. There are 4 or 5 bars and restaurants on one block of this otherwise very residential street, and this morning we tried Riverside Cafe for a 1 pm breakfast. On a rainy Saturday, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to get out of bed before noon anyway.

The decor here is what I like to call "Grandma Chic". Or maybe "Olden Day Chili's". Checkered table clothes, Tiffany lamps, and old Chicago memorabilia, along with numerous pictures of the rat-pack era (think Richard's on Milwaukee if you know it) made being inside on a rainy day feel that much cozier. I feel like Grandma would have kept up the dusting a bit better than Riverside has but then again, Grandma has OCD.

Steve loves to dust too!

On to the food! They had everything from lox and bagels, to a Havana-style breakfast consisting of plantains, black beans and eggs made-to-order. On this trip, Steve choose the lox scramble and I had the breakfast burrito. While neither of these dishes were amazing, they filled us up for around $8.00 a piece and came with crispy hashbrowns.

They had 2 bottles of hot sauce on the table that I had never seen or tried before. Both "hecho en Mexico", one was a chile and lime-flavored "snack sauce" (love that) called Tajin and the other, Salsa Huichol, reminded me of Tapatio hot sauce and was definitely spicier than Tajin. Both were a nice addition to my breakfast burrito and any cafe that has 2 bottles of hot sauce on every table, is my kind of place.

So here's Steve's take on the place in picture form:

1 thumb up - not 2

Overall, the atmosphere, service, and hot sauce selections were great, but the food we had today was just ok. I'd recommend that place for a rainy day when you're maybe feeling a bit nostalgic for the days of yore and want a casual and cheap brunch.


Granny Duster said...

Note: CASH ONLY PEOPLE! Bring yo cizzzzzzassshhhhhhhh. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

PirateZehra said...

"Grandma has OCD" Favorite part.

mexi said...

i can get u cases of that hotsauce - my grandma is a bootlegger of it