Last time I was in NYC, I took a trip to my favorite store for spices and all things exotic, Kalustyans. Really, I used to spend hours there between the jars of rose water and walnut oil, waiting for Bobby Flay to show up (it's rumored all the big time NYC chefs shop there). This last trip I wasn't stalking anyone, but I did pick up a bottle of Syrian hot pepper flakes. They've since made it on top of many a slice of pizza and bowl of pasta and add a mild heat and subtle sweetness to any dish.

(And luckily, Kalustyans ships to Chicago and has an easy online order system. Their spice section alone numbers 1373 selections. Enjoy!)

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maddy said...

I have never been but now I know where to find Bobby Flay. I saw him once in Chelsea while I was having dinner at a Thai restaurant on 6th or 7th Ave. He looked me straight in the eye and we exchanged energy (his was evil) in that one glance. Then, I immediately averted my eyes to my dish (I think I was eating Pad See Ew or Masaman Curry) and pretended not to know who he was.