My friend Peen likes to email me raps every now and then. That's right, raps. Here's the most recent one. A shout out to buffalo wings from The Couch on Grand Ave.
This is a rap dedicated to all the buffalo wings - that can't fly anymore

Check one - check three this is how it be

Just flew in from a feast from heaven
Spent just about $37.11

My homeboy and I just got done spending time at this bar
Right around the corner - yo it wasn't far.

Got about a dozen cold one's --- they were some lights
Ordered up twenty wings - the special on Wednesday nights

The wings came out...smokin' like a haystack
We dipped in while tossin' the cold one's back

Left and right and right and left - the bones were flying all over the place
Had to take a smoke break and wipe off my saucy face

Went back in and had a shot of Cutty
After the beers and wings I was feeling kind of nutty

Savory ranch and luscious blue cheese
The waitress said "ya'll want some more" And I shouted "NAW BABY PLEASE!"

Got our tab and paid it with a fat tip
Got my beer and took one last sip

My dude said "yo how about some tiramasu?"
I said "you straight up crazy, I'm all winged out - crazy foo!"

20 cent wings and 3 dollar brews
Daily bar specials is where we get our cues

Money is tight and times are rough in the city
I be lookin' for them nightly specials so my bill is itty bitty! Uh.


buffelo jonez said...

aw Dag, yo! dag!!! them rhymes be tha ill naw naw!

legendarny said...

Where's the shoutout to wings's posse, celery and cornbread?!?!?!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Ploppa, I ain't never seen wings served with cornbread!