My Grandparents are VIPs

I always knew that my grandma and grandpa were special and important to our family in so many ways, but I had no idea that they were actual VIPs! But I learned this on a trip with them to Mickey's Country Cafe in Riverdale, IA, where my grandpa shakes hands and my grandma pours coffee.

Mickey's is the best kind of cafe - a downhome, home cooking joint. They are open most days at 5 am and serve breakfast and lunch. Today, we were here for the popular Saturday breakfast buffet. The first thing that tipped me off to my grandparents' status as super VIPs, was the fact that they said we should take the back entrance. Entering through the "back entrance" was basically walking in right through the kitchen! They said their hellos to the staff they knew and we were immediately seated and greeted by one of the lovely waitresses.

the VIP entrance

"Hi Helen. Hi Eldon. These must be your family members you're always talking about." Introductions all around. Soon enough, a woman at the table next to us leans over "Are you Eldon's granddaughter? Just how is Chicago treating ya?" Next, Mickey herself comes over with a big grin and a cup of hot coffee for the g-p's. "Hi everyone!" After we order, Grandpa makes the rounds, shaking hands and making jokes with the patrons.

Soon they spot someone rolling silverware in the corner. They say "That's our job! Who is that girl rolling silverware?", while I tell them to relax an enjoy the eggs and bacon. Apparently, they roll silverware for Mickey on most visits to the cafe. When we want more coffee, my grandpa goes behind the counter to get it. And when it's finally time to go, our bill reads $0.00. They don't pay here because to Mickey and her husband Bill, who run this cozy place together with the help of their daughter, my grandparents are like family. And since I can't be with them in Iowa as often as I would like, I am so grateful that Mickey's is around. I suggest, if you're ever in Riverdale, IA, make a stop off at Mickey's. Just tell 'em Eldon sent ya - you'll be VIP all the way.

Mickey beats up gramps

Grandpa holding court

a heavenly breakfast


emrald said...

Eldon is the kingmoney breakfast hustler

Don said...

A nice post about nice people. Thanks.

stevenpowell said...

Wasn't your grandpa the MAYOR of that town for a little while???

stevenpowell said...

great post too!

dapeen said...

i love the post !!

Clancy said...

this is one of the best posts on a blog i have ever seen. would anyone believe you were such a chic new yorker from this? that is the beauty of you ms. fitzgerald! great photos, great story, great (looking) food.