Mexicanos, viva Mexico!

That's the cry of Father Hidalgo, the driving force in Mexico's struggle to break free from Spainish rule in 1810. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th, and honors Hidalgo, as well as the events leading up to Mexico gaining its independence from Spain. Don't I sound smart? Well, I didn't know any of this until last night, when my friend Peen took me to Tecalitlan Restaurant in the Ukrainian Village for a little education and celebration. Yeeeaaa!

Not only did I learn some Mexican history, but also that Tuesday nights are $3.00 margarita nights. The nice price applies to their "special" flavors only but oh what a deal. Check out these beauts.

Not only pretty - also very strong

While telling me how most cities in Mexico are likely to have a September 16th Street, Road, or Avenue, we chowed down on a plate of Queso Fundido, without the dido. That's right, Queso Fun. No chorizo for us - just a straight up huge plate of melty chiuaua cheese to eat with corn and flour tortillas. Take a look. The photo doesn't quite capture the glory(read, grease) of the dish.

mmmmmmmm, cheese

Finally, we forced down few simple but good tacos and called it a night. All that food, 2 margaritas, and a history lesson only set me back $20. Viva Mexico indeed!


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that'll be 20 bucks for the "one on one" history lesson. You can pay be in tequila