Eating Good On The Cheap

He's eating my last dollar

Sometimes my champagne tastes when shopping don't match up with my PBR salary and I'll find myself with a week where I have absolutely $0.00 in my bank account. This is one of those weeks. (yes, yes I need to budget better) Because of this, I'm trying (read: have to) eat all my meals from my pantry. And while it definitely takes more planning to cook and bring my breakfast and lunch to work and brew coffee before I head out the door to the office, there's also a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing exactly what is going into my body. Here's a sample menu of meals this week that I've fashioned at home. Dunkin' be gone!

Mon: 3 egg whites with chickpeas, a chopped up tomato, and a bit of shredded chedda'
Tues: An old pack of oatmeal I found waaaay in the back of my pantry and an apple
Wed: 3 egg whites with the remainder of chickpeas and leftover salsa

Mon: A can of tuna, an apple, and a boca burger from my freezer
Tues: Yet more tuna, this time with pita bread and a carton of blueberries
Wed: Whole wheat pasta with sauteed onion and tomato sauce, and a little bit of cream cheese for a bit of richness (leftover from the dinner I cooked last night - its actually delicious...)

I'm running low on my rations so next up, I'll probably invent something that involves the giant box of Uncle Ben's Rice on the 3rd shelf of my pantry...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Those boys are HOT!!

Molly Ringwald said...

you are a GENIUS! (when it comes to the pantry.. :)

Anonymous said...

I second that, those boys are hot.
And Wednesday's pantry meals were my favorite!