Cafe Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ba Reeba

After a fancy cocktail at The Violet Hour, we headed to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Lincoln Park. This tapas restaurant is perpetually packed and Wednesday night was no different. We waited until 8:45 for a table, and our growling tummies were making us grumpy and uncomfortable, but once the food was served, all was forgotten. Check it out.

the hanging pig parts in the front of the restaurant

I could live on olives and cheese alone

a sneaky fork heading for the Patatas Bravas - crispy potatoes

shrimp with garlic and lemon, so simple but so good

steak filets with blue cheese and fresh cut potato chips, good for the meat-eaters of the group


stevenpowell said...

arrrriba! that caca was muy bueeeeeno!

BEEP BEEP said...

get in the tapas jeep

Sarah said...

i love babareeba! thx for the post - good memories of that place