America's Next Top Quiche

Photo by noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker

Kate had me over on Wednesday night to watch our favorite show, America's Next Top Model. It really is the perfect reality show. It has crazy host Ty-Ty Banks, the drama that is enevitable when you put 14 girls together in a house, fabulous gays (shout out to Ms. J!), fashion, but most importantly crazy Ty-Ty. Seriously, I think she's lost it this season, but it's so fun to watch. And this Wednesday, it was even more fun to watch because Kate made a delicious quiche for dinner. It had mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and Havarti cheese and managed to be hearty and light at the same time. Here a pic of the lovely Kate in her(and Tim's) fabulous orange kitchen. Thanks for dinner!

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